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Fabio Jardine – Founder - FIBA / WNBA certified agent
Originally from Brazil, Fabio Jardine has been inside basketball since the early 90`s. After graduating in Marketing and Advertisement in 2002, Fabio started his international career in Reggio Emilia, Italy, where he was in charge of the Marketing area in the local team. At the same time, was founded the Fabio Jardine ME, under fantasy name FirstPick, the only Brazilian agency company FIBA and WNBA licensed.

In 2006 Fabio moved to Spain where he lived for 5 years. In the same 2006, during the summer of the north hemisphere, Fabio started his experience in the WNBA. Located in Atlanta, he has been covering the WNBA full seasons since then and opening the doors to the FirstPick players to the best championship in the world.

Actually FirstPick represents 90% of the brazilian squad and more than 30 players of other National Teams, including those in the WNBA. High profile players united with integrity and knowledge of the marketing worldwide makes the great success of the FirstPick.

Nicolas San Jose Garcia (spanish) – FIBA / WNBA certified agent

NICOLAS SAN JOSE GARCIA, is inside the basketball world since 1973, first as a player and later in the days coaching internationally and working like a General Manager. Founded Prodep, one of the most important women players agency in Europe, more than 17 years ago and now days is certified by FFBB, FIBA y WNBA.

Josep Martin (french) – FIBA / France certified agent

Josep MARTIN has been involved in the world of basketball coaching since 90's. Graduated in the Université de Perpignan (France) in 1992 with a Masters in Spanish and after that had his second graduation in the Université de Montpellier (France) in 1997 with a Masters in Sciences de l’Education.

Josep received his Professional Coaching Certification (B.E.E.S. 2°) in 1999. His background includes playing basketball and coaching during 12 years. He wrotte two basketball books published in french and spanish and was President of the coaches association Topcoach (Europe). Since 2000 he has been working as a full-time certified basketball agent, certified by FFBB and FIBA.

Murat Kurdoglu (turkish) – FIBA certified agent

Murat stepped into basketball at the early ages of his life and played for ITU, Besiktas JK, Beyogluspor and youth academy teams. His first professional coach carreer started when he went to coach Ortakoy SK U14 & U16 teams as well as assisting the U18 and Senior teams.

In the end of his coach carreer, Murat moved to Besiktas where he held the assistant coach seat of men's senior team for 2 years. After had done with coaching, he added some event management experience to his resume. In 2004, he became the Marketing Director of Besiktas JK where he was promoted to the GM position for Basketball Department for the following 4 years.

Murat created his agency in 2009 with unique perspective and strong relationships which strengthen his ability to make life easier for players.

Alongside the basketball background, Kurdoglu went through a successful education life and graduated from the top ranked university in Turkey, Bogazici University, having majored at Management Information Systems.

Jorge Mendez Santos (spanish)

Born in Spain, Jorge Mendez was the head coach of the Spanish Champion Salamanca for many seasons, until 2009 when he embraced the team of Soller Juventud Mariana, where he stayed for 4 seasons being the head coach.

Jorge started her agent career in 2014, being one of the most important pieces in the spanish agency Prodep.

Aleksandra Vujovic (Montenegro)

Aleksandra defended the Montenegro national team for many years, being one of the best 3 points shooter in Europe. Very agonistic and clever player, a real vocalist leader on the field were some of the reasons why she got her great reputation in the Italy, where she played for 7 years and now is her responsability inside the company.