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B’Ball 101 understands the unique needs of professional athletes and is able to provide our pros with an individualized workout tailored to their specific needs. We work to provide year-round basketball training sessions for professional athletes in every stage of the game.

Our unparalleled pre-draft workouts, off-season basketball training programs and in-season skill sessions keep our clients at the top of their craft and help secure top dollar contracts.

B’Ball 101’s strength and conditioning programs are tailored to fit each individuals specific needs. By thoroughly understanding how the body works, we are able to generate the appropriate muscle response and overall conditioning for each age group, gender and body type. We consistently monitor progress and periodically change programs to aide in muscle recovery and to keep training interesting and effective.

  • Overall Explosiveness

  • Power

  • Agility

  • Acceleration/Deceleration

  • Vertical Leap

  • Lateral Explosive


For more than ten years in the market, the BeNutry Nutritional Consulting has been working in important segments of nutrition spanning several specialties, regardless of age or need, always in search of custom balanced diet.

The BeNutry develops nutrition-related activities for individuals, companies, sports consultancies, gyms, sports clubs, schools, restaurants and food services.

Such as:

  • Nutritional Care: our activities in the clinical field cover individual nutritional treatment to provide a healthy physical condition through a balanced diet.

  • Personalized Service directed to different nutritional needs (sportsmen, athletes, adolescence, pregnancy, 3rd age, bariatric and others)

  • Nutritional Assessment

  • Metabolic Screening

  • Adequacy of food to lifestyle and individual needs

  • Anthropometric (body composition)

  • Examination of bioimpedance

  • Biochemistry Rating Sports nutrition: the sports field, we work with the athletes, teams and athletes from various modalities, professionals and amateurs, with the goal of providing the range of conditioning and the desired yield.

Sports Nutrition Functional aims to improve the performance considering the perfect functioning of organic athlete and / or athlete through the prescription diet focusing on the interaction of genes and performance in the use of supplements that can enhance the molecular mechanisms involved with the optimum yield.


Como fenômeno global, o esporte exige que as partes envolvidas tenham suporte jurídico especializado na legislação internacional, sendo que, no caso do basquete, é essencial o conhecimento dos regulamentos da International Basketball Federation – FIBA para a celebração de contratos e resolução de disputas junto ao Basketball Arbitral Tribunal – BAT”.

FILIPE SOUZA – Advogado da Associação dos Atletas Profissionais de Basquetebol do Brasil – AAPB, Procurador Geral do Tribunal de Justiça Desportiva da Liga Paulista de Futsal, membro do Instituto Brasileiro de Direito Desportivo, membro da Comissão de Direito Desportivo da OAB – Campinas/SP., Membro da Association Internationale de Avocats du Football – AIAF, Pós Graduado em Direito Empresarial pela FGV, Pós Graduado em Direito Desportivo pela Escola Superior de Advocacia da OAB/SP e Mestre em Direito Desportivo Internacional pelo Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economia – ISDE (Espanha).


Coaches and athletes know that physical skills such as increasing speed, increasing strength and maintaining proper body mechanics, need to be refined through hours of repetition. Similarly, mental or psychological skills such as maintaining and focusing concentration, enhancing confidence, maintaining motivation and regulating arousal levels during competition also must be refined through systematic repetition as well.

When competing against an opponent with similar skills, the competition becomes a
battle of “will”, “might” and “determination”. Seeing that most athletes and coaches consider competitive sport to be at least 50% mental, it’s unfortunate that athletes spend so little time developing the mental side of their game.